America’s Funniest Home Videos

Is America’s Funniest Home videos still being filmed?  If so, I should have had a body cam these last two weeks and I would for sure win some money.  I had a fall Thursday that resembled the fall I had with Brad a week ago.  Regardless of how it happened it left me on my back in my front yard but this time the scooter was involved and it fell too.  Ask my sister about it:)

I feel fairly certain that our family is already a perfect candidate for reality t.v.  I mean you can’t make up the stuff that happens around here & then you throw in the stories of running an addiction ministry and it would be riveting television.  If you know any t.v. execs, send them our way.

Family updates – We made it through the chaos of Maycember.  If you have not seen the Holderness family video about Maycember (the month that is as busy as December but without the lights) go wach it now, it is spot on and so funny!

Lawson still has a BB pellet in his hand & we see the doctor this week to determine next steps.  He runs hard and plays hard all day so he is probably the most scarred up 14 year old you know.  He gets lots of boo boos and combine that with his sensitive skin and his incessant need to pick at it and you get lots of scars.  He currently is enjoying a big magnolia tree down the street that has kind of become his summer home.  He has been known to frighten an unsuspecting runner or two.  Riding his bike is his favoite past time & keeping us on our toes comes in a close second.  He finished his Jujutsu class and I am not sure he will go back because at 14 he is so big that he would have to join the adult class.  Football is up next for him.

Bella is such a gift.  She seems like our reward – the most normal one in the bunch:) She has finished dance and Pre Comp swimming.  She starts the Summer League of Swim next week and looks forward to competing.  She has found what she loves and it is so fun to watch her to go!  She keeps us all pretty grounded and always speaks truth to everybody.  Need to know how you really look in an outfit?  Come see BG.

My foot is healing and I see the foot doctor this Thursday.  I have gotten pretty good with my scooter & much to Brad’s delight I have become much more independent over this last week.  We have been at each other’s throats a little (alot) through this process but we communicate pretty well so we are surviving.  We have survived worse but this little glimpse into old age has thrown us a bit and left us saying Jesus, take the wheel:)

The ministry is good & we will hopefully have some BIG news to share about it really soon!  God continues to blow our minds in the way he provides and always does immeasurably more!  When you pray, please remember our residents who are fighting a good but hard fight & pray for our leadership over this sacred gift of ministry.  In other ministry news, one of our ministry vehicles (a van) was stolen from the Cross Roads house Wednesday night!  The van is a loss but there were lots of tools inside too.  We laughed when the cop told us it would probably be recovered but there would be no telling what kind of shape it would be in.  Not sure we would know the difference because it was not in pristine shape to begin with but it would be great to get it back.  It is gold and has a cross roads sticker on the back so if you see it, pull it over and make a citizens arrest please:)

Tomorrow we wrap up an incredible series at church called “This is Us” and for my next post I want to share some of the truths from each speaker which included me, Brad and several other friends.  It has been such a good series and we are excited to be a part of the wrap up tomorrow!  You can visit Central City Church’s FB page or their youtube channel to see all of the messages.

I told you in my last post that I would be sharing the things that God is teaching me during my down time.  It has only been two weeks but so much has changed.  I can’t hop in the car and run an errand or go work out so I have learned to rest.  I have taken naps, propped my feet up, & read alot.  Those are not things I normally do when I am running at a break neck pace.  God intended rest for all of us – even He rested.  After creating the world, he took a day of rest not because He needed it but because He knew that we would so He was teaching by example.  If you find yourselves with no margin in your schedule and no time to rest then make a change, work that out so you can rest too.  Depending on your stage of life like if you have still have small kids, it probably won’t look like a nap for you but it may look like a Saturday with zero plans so you just stay in and refuel.  Maybe you travel for work and you have to go because that is your bread and butter but you can go to bed early in a hotel and find a little extra rest.  Get creative and find some ways to get the rest your body,  mind, and soul need.  You will be glad you did!

Thanks for meeting me here and letting me share.  Hope you all have the best summer – I will turn 40 this summer so I feel like that will be a whole nother’ post!

Love and light to you!


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