The view from my couch

Hey everybody!!! It has been so long since I have blogged.  I have been working hard at Cross Roads and been working hard on my Master’s degree.  But now,  I have found myself with a little extra time on my hands so I am looking forward to writing again.  It looks like I will be spending more time than ever on my couch.  If you have any must watch Netflix shows, hit me up:)

I had an accident last Friday and I fully believe that the Lord was looking down at me saying “Jodi, if you are not going to slow down on your own, I am gonna slow you way down”  I know there is a purpose in this and that He has some work for me to do and some lessons to learn during my recovery.  If you know me or if you have read this blog at all then you know I go about 190 miles per minute all the time.  My days start before 5 am and each day is usually filled to the rim.  May is always busy for everyone with year end school activities, mother’s day, memorial day, etc. and on top of that BOTH my kids were born in May.

We celebrated Bella’s 11th Birthday last Tuesday and she and I had plans to take a girls trip to finish off her birthday week.  We love to give experiences when we can so this was no exception.  Bella had Honors Day Friday morning & the plan was for us to head out right after.  It had been a busy week but we were excited and ready to go!

Side note:  all last week the right side of my right foot was tender – the part that runs from my pinky toe to my heel but it was not painful and didn’t keep me from working out or doing any usual activity.  It was just tender.  So, now it is Friday morning and we are settled in Trojan Hall for Bella’s last elementary Honors Day.  She is smart, witty,  and mature beyond her years.  It is always a joy to watch her walk across the stage to receive awards recognizing her hard work.  The program ended & it was chaos with everybody trying to go one direction towards the stage to get their kid.  I had plans to walk out the back and come in through the side entrance.  I was wearing a dress and some of my favorite OTBT wedges that Brad had given me for my birthday a couple of years ago.  As I was walking out in the crowd a littel girl darted in front of me and I had to catch myself to keep from falling over her and when I did my foot sort of rolled over in my shoe.  I didn’t fall and it wasn’t dramatic but I knew something was wrong – I immediatley could not put weight on my right foot and I felt nauseated from the pain.  I knew I needed to get to the car before I got sick all over everyone in the hallway so I asked Brad for the keys and began limping to the car – it wasn’t dramatic so he did not know I was hurt or feeling sick and he had to go find Bella.

As I walked through the crowd, I felt like I was in a movie and everything was sort of  moving in slow motion.  I felt like I was about to throw up or pass out or both because the pain was so intense.  A parent saw me limping and asked if I was okay.  I said “no, I hurt my foot and I feel like I am going to be sick” and with that I collapsed in the parking lot.  I was only out for seconds, I think the concrete jolted me back to conciousness.  I had on a dress so if you were in that parking lot on that day and saw my behind – my deepest apologies to you!  The parent and her husband were so kind and they helped me up and got me to the curb to sit and collect myself.  Meanwhile, Brad gets to the car and I am obviously not there.  The friends that were helping me found Brad and told him I was hurt.  (Thank you, Phelicia & Ethan, you were a God send that day!)

Brad and BG walked over and there I was, sitting on the curb, sobbing.  I was emotional over so many things – I was in pain plus it was Bella’s last honors day and I got zero pics of her, her friends or teachers because of my foot,  I had fallen and embarrassed myself, I knew it was not good and that our weekend plans would be cancelled.  I had ruined honors day and my girl’s birthday trip.  Her little face was so sad.  She was worried about me but also upset about our trip.  She was trying to be gracious but she had been so excited about it all and instead we were headed to Ortho Georgia.  I do just want to pause there though and say how thankful I am in to live in a town with outstanding medical care.  I think it is easy to take that for granted and I am always reminded of that when I end up in Navicent or Ortho Georgia and hear all the people talking about where they are from.  Some drive for hours to get the world class care that is right in back yard.  If you live here, count that as one of your blessings.

Back to the story,  Ortho Ga gave me speedy service and they were very kind.  They confirmed that I have a Jones fracture.  They said they are common and painful.  Likely,  I already had a stress fracture (that is why my foot was tender all week) and when I rolled it in my shoe that finished me off.  It requires a hard cast for 6 weeks and then I will either need surgery or graduate to a boot.  As I sat there taking all that in, a 20 year old kid walks in to cast me up.  He is a boy and remember –  I am wearing a dress.  It was a hi-low dress so it was short in the front and long in the back (kind of like a mullett).  I scoot to the end of the table and obviously have to spread my legs a little so he can wrap the casting material around.  I made a joke about it being a bad day to have on a dress.  Then my hubby says “let me help you both out” & he grabs the long end of my dress and pulls it up between my legs like a diaper.  We all laughed and that took care of our problem:)

Brad and I experincing a new season and if I am honest (which I always am) we are S-T-R-U-G–G-L-I-N-G.  I mean we have experienced hard things but neither of us has been immobile and in need of so much assistance.  I bet in his head he is repeating ‘in sickness AND in health.”  So that day we had a good laugh as he wheeled me out in my fresh new cast and I told him that I needed to go to the bathroom.  It was a feat getting us both in there with the wheelchair then me getting myself on the toilet.  New beginnings:)

I can go ahead and guess that the Lord wants me to learn some patience during this setback, he wants me to let go of everything being in place around my home & learn some flexability.  If you know me then you know that I move fast and I am constantly on the go – even when I am at home – I am constantly doing something, I am cleaning, picking up and straightening up.  I am a little neurotic about it.  It is not easy to pick up and clean up when I can’t walk and both hands are on my scooter to steer me around the house.  I have literally asked my kids and Brad to pick up pieces of dust that I see on the floor.  How awful am I?  It really drives me crazy though.  They are doing such a good job despite my bad attitude over the weekend.  I just felt so trapped and like they were moving 1,000 steps too slow for me.  I told them I was going to need to hire some help.  We had a come to Jesus meeting and they have forgiven me:) You know Brad made us talk it all out.

Some of you saw online that I got my cast on Friday and by Monday, I needed a new one.  We bought a shower sleeve for my cast and I succesfully stood and took a one legged shower Saturday night.  On Sunday night, I felt like I wanted to soak so Brad got my bath ready, added soaking salts and helped me get in.  I don’t ever “sit” for long so I am not much of a soaker and in less than five minutes, I was ready to get out.  I was hot.  I called for Brad & he took a minute longer than I thought he should so I decided to get myself up which I can do but I had to roll over to do it and when I did, the top of my leg sleeve moved, allowing the water in.  So yesterday, I was back at Ortho GA getting a new cast all because of my impatience.  Lesson learned.  (I also learned a lesson from last Friday and wore shorts yesterday for my new cast – my cast guy was equally proud)

So, in the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal & it could be so much worse but this is my reality right now and even though it could be worse, it doesn’t make this any easier.  Everything has changed.  I work out hard 3-5 times per week & now I can’t.  I love keeping a tidy home and taking care of my family inside these walls and now I can’t.  I need to drive and now I can’t.  I need a lot of help to do most anything and that is not easy for a fiercely independent soul.  So, if I had to predict the lessons God is teaching me (I know He loves it when I do this) it would be patience & humility.  I know there is more to the story and I can’t wait to share it with you as it unfolds!  God has done immeasurably more in my life and He is not stopping now.  Stay tuned for all that is to come!

P.S. – I am not graceful at all and having just one working leg instead of two has proved to be a challenge.  I fall alot when I have two good legs so you can imagine my current situation.  I have fallen a few times in the house – once while using my crutches, another time off a chair and another time off my scooter but I’m fine.  Today took the cake though!  I wish we had caputred it on film but we just didn’t have the energy – we may try to recreate it for you tomorrow:))

So, I have been going out the front door if I have to get in the car to go anywhere because there are only two steps in the front as opposed  to five or six steps outside the back door.  Our drill is that I use my scooter (thank you Sally McCurry) to get out to the porch then Brad comes to the edge, I throw myself on his back and wrap my arms around his neck and he carries me to the car or to the front door depending on if we are coming or going.  I promise it is safer than it sounds – Brad is big strong.  Anyway, I got out today to support a Cross Roads event and then Brad took me to lunch.  We got home and I was pooped from my little outing (so sad) & I stepped out of the car and went to hoist myself on his back & I couldn’t get a good grip so he lowered his body so I could stand and readjust.  When I stood down on my left foot, I lost my balance (definitley gotta add yoga back in to my workout routine) & I was so concious of my right leg that I sucessfully held it up in the air so it didn’t hit but I fell straight back and landed on the grass so there I was lying face up on the ground – a shoe on one leg and a cast on the other & Brad was standing over me just shaking his head.  Then, I did the only thing I could in that situation – I burst out laughing & then he started laughing and we just embraced that moment for what it was – it was funny.  I was not hurt & eventually got in the house & asked Law to get the dust buster to get all the grass I was dragging in on my clothes.

People have been so good to us so thank you to our amazing friends who have been bringing food since Saturday and basically offering to do anything.  If you have a drivers license and a car, we will probably need you over the next six weeks:)  It takes a village.

Love and light to each of you!


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  1. I love reading your blog! It’s summertime…relaxed and enjoy your break and school. Believe me, I know easier said than done! I’ve been going through some of the same lately. You, Brad and the kids will always have a special place in my heart! 😘


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