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I aIMG_2320m a southern girl saved by grace who loves Jesus, loves people & loves my family.  I believe in loving hard and fierce.  I am so thankful for the hard parts of my life because they have made me who I am today & I am stronger and more resilient because of it.  The best part is that God is redeeming the years the locusts took away because in sharing my story,  I am able to comfort and help others who are experiencing the same struggles.  Nothing is wasted and there is always purpose in the pain.  God is faithful, friends!

My husband and I are high school sweethearts & have been married for 15 years.  We have two active kids that keep us on our toes at all times and I am convinced that they have taught us more than we can ever teach them:) I adore my family and I am also pretty crazy about sweet treats, diet coke, “This is Us”, & my community.  Thankfully, I also enjoy working out because my favorite things mentioned above don’t melt away as easily as they use to:)   I also love fashion and interior design and I hope to one day incorporate all of my loves (not the food) into a business somehow.  I am passionate about people and specifically helping people find freedom from the things that have weighed them down in life.  Everyone should walk in freedom and live the “freed up” life!  Hence, the name of this blog.  “Freed up” is a term we use in our ministry to describe a person that is free from things that use to weigh them down and hold them in bondage.  They know who they are in Christ and can confidently walk out their days from a place of freedom because they are child of the King and nothing else matters.  Be who you were created to be and not who other people “think” you should be.  Ditch the labels and you do you Boo:) We even have a #freedup tee shirt!  You can follow our ministry on Instagram and Facebook @CrossRoadsRecovery or online at http://www.crossroadsrecovery.org.

I guess that last paragraph alerted you that my husband and I are in full time ministry (along with several side gigs that allow our family to eat)  Day to day, we run a local non-profit that helps men find freedom from strongholds in their lives like drugs and alcohol or anything else that is gripping them.  We are so passionate about addicts, families of addicts and recovery because we have experienced the fight firsthand.  We know we have been called to this work & it is so much bigger than us.  We believe if you can save a man, you can save a family and make a generational impact.  You can see the video of our story and our call to ministry on the website mentioned above.

I have learned so much along this journey of life and I am excited to have a platform to share!  I have thought and talked about starting a blog for years and today is the day I  started!  So, this is my beginning and I hope to write a book one day too.  I love to write and specifically journal and I look forward to sharing some of that with the world.  I think it could bring healing, hope and encouragement & the world needs a little more of that these days:)  Thanks for joining me on this wild and beautiful ride!





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