COVID-19 & all the things

Hello friends!  I have not written since December!!!  Life has been busy and I have been working hard to finish my Master’s program.  After the current class I am taking, I only have two classes left and the Lord has clearly told me that it is time to write my book!  I have been diligently working on it for one hour each day and I am making progress!  I am realizing that as long as I am intentional the book can happen in any season.  I don’t have to be sequestered in a mountain house for three months (though wouldn’t that be nice in our current climate?) and I don’t even have to go to a coffee shop.   I set my timer for writing time and I go at it until the timer goes off and sometimes longer.  My kids are old enough that I can tell them what am I doing and they let me be for a while.  Praise Jesus.

I am writing this post to talk about the current hot topic of our world –  COVID-19 and all the implications.  These are unprecedented times and most of us have never experienced anything quite like this.  Everything we know and rely on has been disrupted.  I never thought there would be a day when I couldn’t send my kids to school or that I couldn’t gather with my church family but here we are.  My heart is breaking for all the high school seniors who are missing out on their last games, proms, and possibly graduation.  I am also thinking about the brides who are having to postpone their weddings!  I can hardly fathom what  all of that must feel like.  Yet, I have a peace and a hope in Jesus Christ and I know that He was not surprised by this and He is never without a plan.  I can’t help but think this is going to draw people closer to Him.  Uncertain times have a way of making us do that – we want to run to whomever can comfort us.  I just know He is going to bring good from this.  So many church gatherings were cancelled Sunday and even though their services are always available online, I think the hype it received this weekend maybe caused a few people or hopefully a lot of people to tune in.  I kept thinking about people who have never stepped foot in a church or maybe it has just been a really long time but maybe they took a baby step and watched online this week.  That is a lot less intimidating than physically walking in a new place.

It was even nice for me, a regular church attender to have so many services at my finger tips.  I watched two sermons Sunday and have some others I want to catch this week.  Could it be that for the vast majority of us that God is giving us a breather?  I know for the ones who are sick and the families who have lost loved ones, they can’t see any good yet but maybe He is telling our nation and our world to take a sabbatical.  To enjoy the homes we have,  to love our families,  to do quality time type things that we rarely ever do as we hurry from one thing to the next.  I know God loves it when I try to figure out His ways:)) Because His ways are higher than ours, we can trust that He is always there and always working even in times like this when everything feels so nuts.

I posted earlier today that I got to work out with my hubby then we took a walk together.  I am an Enneagram 8 so I am doing okay at this point but I am worried about my friends who are sevens because they are probably losing their minds.  Social distancing has been hard for Law, he is definitely a seven and loves being with people.  He came out of regular school in December of 2018 and we did a brutal home school program for six months then last August, he started Veritas which is two days per week at school and the rest at home.  He has loved it!  Homeschooling is obviously not new to us since the COVID-19 breakout but he is missing going two days per week.  He said “I just got back to school and now I can’t go?!?” He wanted to go for a bike ride yesterday and I said “okay, but just stay around here, don’t stop and talk with anyone, don’t hug, and don’t shake hands” & if you know Law then you know that was a tall order.  Twenty minutes later he came back & said “Mom, I waved at a fireman then I stopped at an elderly man’s house because he was raking leaves so I asked if he needed help but bless his heart, he didn’t hear me and then I started up my secret bike path and remembered you told me not to so I turned around and came back” #socialdistancing #thankslaw

As tough as it is, I do hope people will do what is asked of them and if all we do that, hopefully this thing won’t be as bad as they are predicting.  It seems that the economic fallout is going to be significant so if we can all do our part to still support small businesses while we isolate that would be phenomenal.  This is huge for so many on an economical level.  Businesses, restaurants, the transportation industry, vendors, event venues, florists, hairstylists, non-profits who put on events to keep their program going, the list goes on and on.  Let’s all commit to praying each day, crying out to our Father asking Him to heal our land.  Life as we know it depends on it.

Wash your hands and stay safe friends!



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