Wow!  Glad to be back – it has been a minute!  My last post was December 2nd so please forgive me for the inconsitency in my blogger life.  I have been digging into my Master’s program and recently started my praticums which is scary and exciting!  In my last post, I mentioned the providential lunch date with a dear friend who suggested that I just focus on my Master’s work during this season because that is enough.  I promised that my next post would be on the topic of being enough.  I think it is something we all (particularly women) struggle with & I know it is a personal struggle of mine.  I am always striving and always trying to do more, more, and more and sometimes enough is enough.

“I am not enough.” That is a scary phrase that can run through our heads on a regular basis if we are not careful.  The world is always going to tell us that we need to do more, acheive more, make more, strive for more.  But what if we flipped the coin and realized our worth right now, just as we are?  Hillsong Worship is one of my favorite bands and their song “Who you say I am” is at the top of my favorite ever list.  Read these lyrics and let them soak in:

“I am chosen – not forsaken – I am who you say I am – you are for me – not against me – I am who you say I am.  Who the Son sets free, is free indeed,  I am a child of God.  Yes I am.  In my Father’s house, there is a place for me, I am a child of God, yes I am!”

I cannot help but shout those lyrics from the bottom of my heart each time the worship band at church cranks it up – there is such power in those words.  If you don’t know that song, look it up online and you will be hooked:)  I read the following words in my morning devotion (reference: the bible app titled “Nothing to Prove” by Jennie Allen)

“All we crave in abundance is Jesus…Because Jesus is enough, we can experience true fulfillment.  Because Jesus is enough, we can live connected to Him and others, Because Jesus is enough, we can rest.  Because Jesus is enough, we can take risks for his glory.  Because Jesus is enough, we can trade fear for hope.  Because Jeusus is enough, we can embrace grace.  Because Jesus is enough, we can live out our true calling. ”  What a beautiful wake up call!  I don’t want to rush through my to do lists and essentially thorugh life, feeling like I just just need one deep breath.  Sisters, sit those to do lists aside for a moment and join me in just being today.  Be who you are and who God created you to be.  Find peace and comfort in your calling & then seek it with all of your heart -knowing that you are enough in the eyes of the one who matters the most.

You, precious one are enough.  There is a real enemy who would love for you to stay stuck in the lies of believing you are not enough and that you will never measure up, but there is  King who reigns & He wants you to know that you are His.  Stop striving & over-doing because he loves you just as you are now and forevermore.

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2 thoughts on “Enough”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog post! It is evident that the Lord has been working in your heart on this topic.
    Love you, friend! ❤️


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