Lordy, Lordy, Look who’s 40!

December 11, 1978 – Bradley Scott Sappe entered the world. We were born in the same hospital – six months apart. Word has it that my mother, who was still pregnant with me in December of 78’ ended up with some hand me down maternity clothes from my future mother in law. God is always in the details. It wasn’t too many years after being born that I met Brad Sappe. The county we grew up in is about an inch wide so it didn’t take too long to know everyone.

We saw each other through the years around town at the local ball park & swimming pool. Then, he asked me to the prom when I was sixteen & now here we are with a house, two kids, & a dog celebrating his 40th Birthday 😊 We have almost 17 years of marriage under our belts. We have lived hard, loved harder laughed a lot, & cried a good bit too. It is so wild to think that we are entering our forties but we are always excited for new chapters!

I want to use this blog platform today to celebrate my husband & affirm him on this special, milestone birthday.

So,  let me tell you a few things I know about Brad Sappe. He is kind, he is humble, he is generous, he has a huge heart, he loves others well, he is loyal, he forgives easily & also happens to be a hunk ❤️ He is not perfect & has his flaws just like the rest of us but there are so many reasons to celebrate him.

Brad is an overcomer & now he uses his life lessons to teach others how to be overcomers too. I think God builds us for the storms we will face in life so I think God hard wired Brad for a lot of it but I know that his best characteristics were born through the refining process. Those times when he walked through the fire & Jesus was a few steps ahead, molding him & refining him. Those are the places where he became strong & those are also the places he became tender. God knew Brad needed to be strong enough to carry some stuff but He also needed him to be tender enough to care for other men that are hurting.

Jesus took the pain of a Daddy lost too soon, the pain of broken relationships & the pain of addiction & He repurposed it all so that it could be used for His kingdom. What an amazing God we serve! Don’t ever doubt His love for you, even while you are in the muddy, miry pit because He will pull you out & He has great plans for you. I’ve got living proof.

Brad is seriously the best human I know. He always puts others first & the man never seems to want any material thing. (That must be why God gave him me – I want enough for the both of us ☺️) He lives by the quote that the secret to having everything you want, is believing you already do.

Brad, you are my sweetest gift & I adore you. Thank you for teaching me so much about love, life, people, & freedom. I keep hoping some of your goodness will rub off on me. Even if it misses me, our kids are surely catching some of it & for that I am eternally thankful.

You are a good man, Brad Sappe. Keep on keeping on & promise to live for AT LEAST another forty years. I love you. ❤️

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