September 12th

September 11th will always be a day etched in the minds of Americans who lived through that day back in 2001.  That day impacted every American.  There was death, shock, & confusion but there was also compassion, love, & solidarity.  I heard a guy on the radio yesterday say something like “we would never want to repeat September 11th but September 12th is a day worthy of rembering and repeating.”  He said that because September 11th was horrific, the greatest tragedy our nation has ever seen but what happend on September 12th was miraculous.

There were more people in churches than ever before, in the streets of New York people showed up by the hundreds to lend a helping hand, people all over the country gave blood, and I think everyone hugged their families a little tighter and maybe said I love you a little more often.  We were reminded or our humanity and the fragility of life.

Everyone came together for the love of our country & we focused not on what seperates us but what unites us, we are all Americans.  What if we could live September 12th kind of days every day?  It would be a game changer.  You do it, I’ll do it and then our friends and family will do it and we may just start a revolution!

September 12th is a significant day in the life of my family every year because it is my Momma’s birthday.  62 years ago today the world was graced with a beautiful baby girl named Sheryl Anne Turner.  I wish I had a baby/toddler pic to post because she was adorable.  The first born to my grandparents & they doted and loved on her like no other & she would say that went on until her baby brother was born:) The baby boy, us mamas of boys all know how that story goes:) Seriously, she was loved well & my grandparents thought she was the best.  Then that little girl grew up, fell in love, and married my Daddy.

Momma and Daddy embarked on their life together and birthed their first little darling (me) in June of 1979.  Their second little darling (a.k.a . the golden child/Sister) came along 9 1/2 years later in December of 1987. Those babies grew up and finally gave Daddy his boys by marrying two good men & finally the real apples of Mom’s eye were born, her grandkids, Lawson and Bella.  I think she would say life has been good to her thus far:)

Mom is a hard worker, a good friend to so many people, a firece protector of her girls and a loving Ga Ga to her grandchildren.  She is always early to appointments and events, she loves to shop & has rearrangd her house approximately 4,288 times.  She will slap a coat of paint on a wall like nobody’s business , we always say the walls of her home are held up by paint:) Mom is strong in so many ways and has a heart of gold.  She has loved on countless families during times of grief and heartache & she is incredibly loyal to her people.  She takes care of all of us and we are eternally grateful for her presence in our lives.

She has loved the same man for 43 years, been loyal to the same job for over 30, sent two girls to school to be educated and raised them to be responsible adults & bonus – gave them each beautiful wedding days they will always cherish.  Mom, you’ve done well.  We love you!  Here’s to your next 62 years!


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