My kids just started back to school. Like yesterday. It was a long summer & it was good. I have had some strange feelings swirling around since they left for school yesterday though. I am not a super emotional person & I have never “missed” my kids during the school day but yesterday felt different.

Both kids had significant birthdays in May. One turned 13 & one turned 10. They both started significant grades yesterday. Bella started 5th grade which brings changing classes & changing clothes daily in the locker room for P.E.

Lawson started 7th grade which at our school is a big deal. This is the official start of middle school for us. 6th grade is considered elementary at our school but 7th grade means a big new building, lockers & lots of class changes.

I was not prepared for the sting of emotions I felt yesterday as we took the kids to school. For the first time in Lawson’s life, I did not walk him in on his first day. I just dropped him at the door & watched him go. I did still get to walk Bella in but she seemed so grown up sitting in her 5th grade classroom.

I think I am getting mushy in my old age. I really felt like I could cry a little yesterday & I just felt like the fact that kids grow FAST was staring me in the face. Like no longer was it just something you say, like a cliche’ but yesterday it was unfolding before my very eyes. It was like the fact that I only get 18 summers with them was sitting on my shoulders & it was heavy. As I stare down the road at Summer 14 & Summer 11 , it just doesn’t quite seem adequate.

We didn’t have a fancy summer but it was a good summer. The kids each did one camp & we had a family vacation. Other than that, it was a 1980’s summer around here. Kids slept late every day, swam some, I worked from home & we tried to get out & about but I had to remind them that just because they get a summer vacation doesn’t mean that I do. My business & our ministry doesn’t let up just because it’s summer. I told them about my 1980’s summers & expected them to be content with just being home. For the most part, they were. Then they left for school & I found myself missing my little assistants but no worries, it passed quickly. Keep reading:)

We have only been back to school for 2 days & the morning routine is just hectic no matter what safe guards I try to implement. It’s just this season of life. Seasons are designed by God & because He knew kids needed school & Momma’s need a break, summers can’t last forever. Thank you, Jesus. Forgive me when I doubt you or complain about school. Read on for a snapshot of our morning that took me out of sentimental land & back to reality.

Bella is the most self sufficient child I know. I don’t ever worry about her. On the first day of school she got up the first time she was called, made her bed, got ready & asked to make her lunch!! 😳😳 Who is this gift from Heaven & can I multiply her? So thankful for that little gem.

Meanwhile, Lawson has a harder time all the way around. He gets up later, takes forever to complete his morning routine even though his timer is ticking away & I am constantly redirecting him. 54 seconds left on the “get dressed” time clock & he is sprawled across the bed in his PJ’s. This is all while complaining of indigestion that he says is caused by the antibiotic given by the ER doc who treated his hand injury a week ago. I have been giving him the antibiotic morning & night per the doctor’s instructions. Lawson heard the doc say that indigestion might be a side effect & ya’ll, he has ran with it. I told him today that I don’t care if his hand rots off, I will never give him that antibiotic again because if I hear one more murmur about indigestion I am gonna lose it.

So, all of that to say that my mushy, sentimental feelings from yesterday have worn off & I was real glad to see the bus (Brad’s truck) leave with the kids this morning. I told Brad if I had 2 Lawson’s that I would run away. He said “you would run away? Even from me?” Yes.

If you are feeling sentimental & like the years are flying by, just give it a little time Mommas. It only took me 24 hours to remember how long the days are. To the teachers of the world, (especially Law’s) God bless you.

Disclaimer: if you have followed me long you know how much I love my kids & that Law holds a special place in my soul but some days we all just need to read something honest. If that’s you, you came to the right place 😉

Happy School Year ya’ll! Live freed up!


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