The Writer’s Zone

The Writer’s Zone.  Its a thing and I have been in it all day!  I have been preparing for a writer’s conference since Spring but sometimes I work best under pressure so a week or two before is about right for the juices to start flowing.  I have the opportunity to meet with two publishers while at the conference & the prep has been daunting to say the least!  All that to say that I never understood when I heard writers say talk about needing to get away to write or how they would hole up all day in one spot and not budge or when they wrote the books and thanked their families it all seemed a little melodramatic.  I would always think really?  That’s sweet but you wrote a book, why you are you thanking your family?  Well, now I know why! Because if you are going to write a book people have to leave you alone!  That is not easy for you spouse and kids to do.  Mama writers cannot just sit and write, there is always too much else to do. Thank you Brad, Lawson, and Bella!  You rocked at leaving me alone today!

Today, was totally out of character for me.  For starters, it was not planned & I almost always have a plan.  If you know me, you know I am organized, my house is always clean (don’t gag – it is just how I am wired) & I get things done but today I have done NOTHING but write.  It has been glorious but I am a little haunted by the unmade bed and the GIANT pile of laundry in my bedroom.  I am still in my pajamas at 4:30 pm & I have only budged from my corner of the couch with my laptop to use the bathroom and grab some wheat thins.  Like I have not showered – that is not the norm for me.  I have too many cute things in my closet to waste a day not dressing:)  Seriously though, I never understood this writing phenomenon but when you are a writer and your thoughts are flowing (aka you have a deadline) then you cannot move – all you can do is sit and pound your thoughts out on your keyboard for fear that you may lose them if you stop to do anything else.

How have I tended to my writing with Lawson in the house?  He slept late then was gone for a few hours so there you have it.  Brad was busy and out of the house most of the day and Bella slept a really long time.  It was a God wink how it all lined up for today to be the day I could really dig in.  Like I already had rough drafts but they needed lots of tweaking.  It is super helpful when your life long friend/cousin/birthday twin is also an English professor who is now Dean of a school.  Thank you for all your help today, Jenn!  I will love you forever and I am sorry for never understanding why you loved school so much – it has paid off for both of us:))

There has been warfare in my mind as I have prepared for this conference – I have felt overwhelmed, unqualified and not good enough to write a book or meet with a publisher.  I can recognize an attack when it comes though and Satan knows if he can get me off track (and feeling defeated is what does it for me) then he wins.  I won’t go to the publisher meeting or maybe I forgo the entire conference because I don’t feel ready.  But not today Satan.  I serve a mighty God who has gone before me and stands behind me.  He has set me a part and He has a plan so I am going to seize the day and this opportunity.

I have no illusions that I will walk away with a book deal but I am so thankful for this incredible opportunity and all those who have helped me get to this place.  When you say your prayers, throw up one for me and my publisher meetings please:) Thank you for following along!  Enjoy your weekend:)


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