Happy Birthday

Birthdays are a gift & none of us knows how many we will get so my family never misses an opportunity to celebrate.  Today is my Daddy’s birthday & all these words seemed too long for a social media post so here it is in my blog:)  This conversation happened on January 11th and I put the notes in my phone so I could share it today.  I hope my Daddy lives to be at least 101 but because we never know when our last day is, I was not going to hold on to this goodness for over a month so I called him on January 12th and told him about it because I believe that people should always know when they are thought well of.  It is one thing to think it but we also need to communicate it.  My husband and two kids were sitting around the dinner table on January 11th and we were passing conversation cards & then a certain question was asked & we all had the same answer:)

You know you have done something right when your family is asked who their hero is & everyone around the table calls your name.  My Daddy is that person for us.  When recently doing conversation cards over dinner, someone pulled the card that said “Who is your hero and why?” Law went first, then BG, then Brad and then me.  There was a common theme in each answer and it was Pop.  For the why, they described his character and said things like “he is kind, he is loyal, he is patient, he works hard, & he always makes you laugh.”  Law especially liked that Pop reads the bible and talks about God a lot.  I finished off with those same sentiments & added that he taught me to be kind and helpful to others.  He taught me the value of hard work & determination.  Daddy is as steady as the sun and just as you can depend on the sun rising every morning, you can depend on Daddy because he always shows up.  He shows up twice as often when you really need him but the cool thing is that he is there for all the stuff in between too and not just in the times of crisis.  See, when someone is always there in a relationship, trust and love have been established long before you ever need it.  That is kind of the way Jesus is too.  He desires for us to really know him, to walk with him every day and call on him in our times of need just like we do with our earthly parents.  If you do that, then when life falls apart, there is already a sweet relationship and we are strengthened by it.  Jesus will always come to you regardless of your commitment to Him but walking through hard times with Him is so much sweeter when you have the history of relationship.

I am so thankful for the relationship with both my Heavenly Father and my earthly Father.  I know they are both gonna be there through it all and they have each shown that they love not only me, but the people closest to me unconditionally.  That’s a gift.  Daddy, thank you for all you have given us, it is more than you will ever know and we hope year 65 will be your best yet!  (Mom will have to show this to you since you don’t usually do the internet but I have no doubt that she will.  Thanks Momma, love you too!)

I don’t know if you are having a good day or a bad day so far, but either way, squeeze Jesus into your calendar.  You will be glad you did.  Make the most of today & look for the everyday blessings!


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