What a Day

Good Heavens, what a day! The day is almost over & I still can’t get right. Have you ever had a day like that? I know you have cause wonky days are inevitable but this one has thrown me for a loop! Let me catch you up.

7:45 am – I get the kids out the door & begin my day. I have a speaking engagement at noon & I have rearranged my whole day to make it happen – moved a decorating appointment, canceled a yoga class & got up extra early to get office work done so I could leave my house by 11:30 for said speaking engagement.

11:15 am – I am almost ready & four workers pull in my driveway. 2 for an outside job & 2 for an inside job. I am blocked in my driveway & unprepared for their arrival so we juggle cars in my cramped driveway so I can get out & they can get going. Meanwhile, I put the dog in the crate so I can gather all my things & get my car loaded for the day & by the time I walk back in to change shoes, the dog has pooped ALL over her crate. Who does that?!? (the dog is a whole different post for another day, she is a hot mess) So, I scoop her up, clean up the mess while in my dress clothes, put her back inside & rush out the door.

11:45 am: I pull up to the downtown building where my speaking engagement is happening & I sit for a minute to gather myself. Then I remember that I need to look for my earring back that randomly fell off my earring while I was driving down the road. 🤷‍♀️ I find it, gather my things & head up to the third floor. It’s 11:52 am & it seems odd to me that no one is there yet. At 11:55, I called the organizer & left a voicemail telling her that I thought I was in the wrong place. Next, I scrolled back through our email string & realized nobody is there because the event is TOMORROW!!! 😳🤦🏽‍♀️

Oh my word. I was all dressed up & nowhere to go 😂 I couldn’t go back home because of the workers so I floated around town running my errands in style! I have never been so dressed up in Kroger, Hobby Lobby, or the carpool line:)

It was a simple mistake. The email came & I jotted the time down on the wrong date in my calendar. They wanted me on the 22nd & I penciled them in for the 21st. No big deal except that I believe there is always a lesson in things like this & today, I heard God whispering to my busy spirit. I was not even out of the parking lot & He said “Baby girl, you have got to let something go. You thought you could do ALL the things but you cannot do ALL the things at the same time. Particularly not in this season.”

Thank you, Jesus. Ya’ll, I really thought that I could manage Cross Roads, write, speak, sell skincare, decorate homes, study for my Masters , work my boutique job once a week & be a wife & Mom 😳

I was reminded last month at my conference to not sacrifice my role for my calling. For example, I know that Brad & I were called to addiction ministry & I also know that I was called to speak, write, & counsel others. All of those things are good things & it is my calling but my current role in life is to be a wife to Brad & a mother to Lawson & Bella. In other words, my calling is always going to be my calling but my children won’t always need raising & I will never get this particular season back with them or my husband. That gave me some perspective.

I am wired to be a busy body, I’m ambitious & I love a good challenge so it won’t be easy but I know I gotta let some stuff go. Not forever, just for a season. I am a Martha for sure. My sister & I could have totally been in that bible story with Jesus & she obviously would have been Mary.

Stay tuned to learn how I am trimming back & I encourage you to think about what you can simplify in your life too. I encourage you to make time for the Lord & listen for his voice or gentle nudge. He is a gentleman so he won’t shout, that means you will have to drown out the noise of the world to hear His whisper.

I am honored that you read the words I write & I hope to keep building & growing all along the way. Thank you for meeting me here 😉


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